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Grow Greenie

Aerator XL | Fluval FX Canister Filters + Koi Ponds

Aerator XL | Fluval FX Canister Filters + Koi Ponds

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With this multi-venturi device, now you can oxygenate using a large capacity canister filter with 1” inch hose like the Fluval series FX4 and FX6. Use a water pump with a flow rate of 750-2100 GPH (2800-8000 LPH) in aquariums or koi ponds. 

This aquarium venturi aerator uses a 1” hose barb for a direct connection to a stock Fluval FX series hose. Or, attach it on any pump that uses a 1” outlet hose and has a minimum 750 GPH (2800 LPH) flow rate. Watch the video below for a quick demonstration. 

Can also be placed in a sump tank and connected by a 1" threaded MPT adapter off of 1" plumbing


Size XL: 2.75" L by 6" W


U.S. and International Patent-Pending

Made in the USA

All of our devices are designed and made in the USA. Materials are sourced from only domestic USA manufacturers with high standards of quality and durability.

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See the XL in Action

Attach the XL Aerator to a Fluval FX for quiet oxygenation and increase dissolved oxygen

Increase Dissolved Oxygen

The Grow Greenie XL Aerator is not only quiet but it is also a more efficient way to increase oxygen for your aquatic life. This multi-venturi will pull in a vacuum of 5.5 L/min of air when connected to a Fluval FX6 (950 GPH) pump.

  • No More Noisy Aquariums

    This new patent-pending multi-venturi oxygenates quietly and energy efficiently without vibrating air pumps, spray bars, or air stones.

  • No More Messy & Bulky Equipment!

    Using only a canister filter/circulation pump the Aerator eliminates the use of bulky air pumps, messy air stones, or airlines!

  • No More Cleaning Algae!

    Manufactured black in color, to block out all light preventing algae growth inside. Unlike transparent products that allow light in and quickly grow algae.

  • No More Wasted Outlet Space

    Utilizes the pressure from a canister filter/circulation pump. No extra outlets are used by air pumps.



Use the included cleaning brush in each venturi hole to remove any debris if it becomes clogged. A dirty canister filter will slow down the flow of bubbles.


If you hear a hissing or a whistling noise, there may be something stuck in the air tube. To clear out the air tube, use a can of compressed air and place it over the air inlet on the Aerator. Compressed air dusters can be found at any retailer that sells computer hardware or on Amazon. These are usually used to clean computer keyboards.

Do Not Disassemble

Do not disassemble the Aerator. The inner air tube may become disconnected and stop functioning.

Gentle on Fish and Plants

A traditional venturi can be loud, have a high-pressure flow, and can be harmful to smaller fish and plants. This patent-pending multi-venturi utilizes low pressure so it is gentle on aquatic life.