What is a Multi-Venturi and How Can it Be Used?

What is a Multi-Venturi and How Can it Be Used?

Not Your Average Venturi

If you want to inject oxygen, ozone or air into your water source then check out this breakthrough in Venturi technology.  Unlike a traditional single venturi with only one injector, this Multi-Venturi has a plurality of injectors to not only multiply the suction rate of air, but also increase the flow rate of water moving through it. 

It's been designed short and compact to save on space and give you every option for attachments. You can use Female threads, Male threads, pvc slip or hose barb connections. 

Cost Effective Design 

Available sizes range from smaller three quarter inch all the way up to industrial three inch configurations. This is going to allow huge savings in energy costs for large scale water treatment, hydroponic, pond and fish farming facilities. It doesn't create the same outflow pressure drop like a traditional single venturi constriction. It will keep the outflow pressure high. 

Multiple Areas for Application

We even designed a Multi-Venturi MicrobBubbler for industries that need to inject pure oxygen or ozone into a water source at extremely efficient flow rates. Don't use expensive air compressors or blowers that inject hot air into an aeration basin, pond, or hydroponic reservoir. All you need is a water pump! Hydroponic reservoirs and even aquariums are utilizing this new technology to save on energy costs and equipment. Use it in your home aquarium, aquascape, or saltwater sump tank. 

We Are Here to Help

If you have questions about which device you should use for your oxygenation needs, please feel free to send us an email at info@growgreenie.com.

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