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MicroBubbler | High-Flow Micro Bubble Injector

MicroBubbler | High-Flow Micro Bubble Injector

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The Multi-Venturi MicroBubbler is the latest innovation for injecting atmospheric air, pure oxygen and ozone. It can be applied to wastewater treatment, water treatment, hydroponics, agriculture, fish farming, irrigation and beyond.

This patented technology revolutionizes the way micro bubbles are created from a venturi. Fill your tank or reservoir with millions of micro bubbles using a plurality of small venturis. It can inject with extremely efficient flow rates of down to .01 L/min or as high as 12-18 L/min depending on pump flow and pressure. Must use the included flow valve to create smaller microbubbles or a flow meter. can produce bubbles as small as .1mm in diameter.

Material: Manufactured in Glass Reinforced Polypropylene. (Heavy Duty SCH 80)

  • You will need:  a 1/8" air hose
  • Included: An air hose flow valve (to control bubble size) and back flow check valve.
  • Pump Requirements:
  • 1.5" minimum pump flow rate of 16,000 L/H ( 4,200G/H )
  •  2" minimum pump flow rate of 20,000 L/H ( 5,200G/H )
  • If injecting fertilizers: run clean water through air inlet  to clean it out afterward
  • Material:  Glass Reinforced sch 80 PVC
  • Use it as a jet head nozzle in a tank. It creates a lot of back pressure and lowers outflow pressure. This  will greatly reduce the pump H/max if you don't use it as a jet head on the end of your piping into a tank. Or use as close as possible to the tank when used as a tee outside of a tank.
  • Energy Efficient: No bulky machinery or air compressors needed like with other products. All you need is pressurized water or liquid.
  • Multiple 5mm Venturis: Made with a plurality of many smaller venturis.  We strongly recommend a pre-filter if your water source contains lots of debris/particulates larger than 2-3mm so it doesn't clog
  • Maintenance: Use compressed air to blow into the air inlet. This will blow out any debris built up on the inside.

Patented Multi-Venturi design

U.S. Patented and International Patent-Pending

Made in the USA

All of our devices are designed and made in the USA. Materials are sourced from only domestic USA manufacturers with high standards of quality and durability.

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  • Microbubble Injector

    Used for injection of gases or liquid fertilizers. After injection liquid fertilizers ensure that clean water is passed through the air tubing and device to keep it clean and unclogged.

  • Control the Bubble Size

    By using a flow valve or flow meter you can control how fine of a bubble you want. Reducing flow under 1 L/min will give you micro bubbles.

  • Inline Tee or Jet Head

    Use the MicroBubbler inline on piping or as a jet head in a tank or reservoir. Manufactured with MPT threaded connections.

  • Reduce Energy Costs

    Save on expenses by eliminating the requirement for large and costly machinery or air compressors. Simply connect it to any water pump that has a flow rate over 16,000 liters per hour.

See it in action

See it in action

MicroBubble Injection for Water Treatment

Discover the most cost-effective technique for injecting oxygen or ozone into your tank or reservoir.

MicroBubble Injection for Hydroponics & Agriculture

When the oxygen demand is high, turn to the best performing nozzle in the industry.