Not Your Average Venturi

Discover a new era of oxygenation technology for aquariums and water reservoirs. Our cutting-edge patented design delivers quiet operation, increased dissolved oxygen, and energy efficiency. No more hassle with additional accessories and expensive equipment! Get your Grow Greenie multi-venturi and see optimal results with less issues.

  • Aquariums

    Finally, a quiet venturi made specifically for aquariums.

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  • Hydro+Aquaponics

    Increase dissolved oxygen in your large water reservoirs.

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  • Pond Aeration

    Oxygenate using your ponds water pump return line or a fountain pump.

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  • Reservoir Mixing and Water Treatment

    Powerful Mixing: Utilize smaller water pumps and save on energy costs with an efficient multi-venturi jet head.

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  • Fisheries

    A multi-venturi jet head that is gentle on fish and increases dissolved oxygen levels.

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  • Saltwater Sump

    Ultra-quiet multi-venturi specifically designed to increase dissolved oxygen in your sump tank.

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