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Are you looking to increase dissolved oxygen in your grow system?

Introducing New Multi-Venturi Injectors by Grow Greenie

  • MacroMixer | For Aggressive Mixing and High Oxygenation

    Grow bigger, faster harvests with ultra-high dissolved oxygen levels in your reservoirs. Maintain healthy roots and fight off bad bacteria and root rot.

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  • MicroBubbler | A High Flow Microbubble Injector

    Utilize the MicroBubbler to effectively introduce gases like pure oxygen or ozone into reservoirs, achieving excellent efficiency even at low suction flow rates of .01 L/min.

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What is a Multi-Venturi?

The Grow Greenie multi-venturi injector creates lower back pressure on pumps, and higher outflow pressure resulting in higher flow rates while also increasing the vacuum suction rate. There are two unique devices for mixing and aerating. The MacroMixer for aggressive mixing and high oxygenation and the MicroBubbler a high-flow microbubble injector.