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MacroMixer Extreme | Ultra-Powerful Reservoir Mixing | Inline Tee

MacroMixer Extreme | Ultra-Powerful Reservoir Mixing | Inline Tee

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Intense Mixing: This Multi-Venturi is designed and manufactured to handle the high pressures generated by industrial water pumps. Made from sch80 Polypropylene it has excellent strength and chemical resistance. Unlike our MacroMixer for ponds, fisheries, and hydroponics, designed to be gentle on aquatic life, this inline tee Multi-Venturi has increased mixing power and handles higher pressures.  It has a reduced number of venturi (4), increasing the pressure and flow velocity. Please note, using a pump with the highest flow rate will yield the best mixing results. 

This should not be used around fish or aquatic plants in tanks as it has powerful mixing jets and high oxygen output.  Can be used Inline PVC piping or as a jet head nozzle

The average bubble size ranges from 1-7mm

  • 1" can pass solids under 6mm in diameter
  • 1.5" can pass solids under 9mm in diameter
  • 2" can pass solids under 12mm in diameter
  • 1" pulls a vacuum of 13 L/min of oxygen at a water flow rate of 8,000LPH
  • 1.5" pulls a vacuum of 25 L/min of oxygen at a water flow rate of 16,000LPH
  • 2" pulls a vacuum of 27 L/min of oxygen at a water flow rate of 20,000LPH


    U.S. and International Patent-Pending

    Made in the USA

    All of our devices are designed and made in the USA. Materials are sourced from only domestic USA manufacturers with high standards of quality and durability.

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    • Keep it Simple

      This versatile design threads onto any outflow pipe for easy assembly and removal. All it needs is water flow. No moving parts and ultra-low maintenance to keep costs low.

    • All-In-One

      A multi-venturi has a much higher outflow than a traditional venturi. It allows for much more water flow, mixing power, and suctions in higher volumes of air without the use of air blowers.

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    Flow Rates for Water Treatment

    1.5" Water Treatment MacroMixer: pulls a vacuum of 27 L/min air @16,000 L/H pump flow rate

    2" Water Treatment MacroMixer: pulls a vacuum of 30 L/min air @20,000 L/H pump flow rate

    Low Maintenace, Low Cost System

    Unlike bubble diffusers, the multi-venturi jet head does not require constant maintenance and frequent replacement.

    Watch the 1.5" MacroMixer on a 3/4 HP pump